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tree19    The Massey Family  tree19

First Generation:  tree19

Thomas was born in 1663 in Cheshire Co., England.  His parents were Henry Massey and Hannah Sidebotham.  He married Phoebe Taylor on November 7, 1692 in Cheshire Co., PA. Phoebe Taylor was born August 15, 1670 in Cheshire Co., England.  Her parents were Robert Taylor and Mary Hayes.   The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, Volume XXXVI, Information Wanted, page 159, states, “Thomas Massey, son of Henry Massey and Hannah Sidebotham of Cheshire, England, married Phebe Taylor dau of Robert and Mary Taylor in 1692.  Both were passengers on the Endeavr arriving in PA in 1683.  Their children were Esther, Mordecai, James, Hannah, Thomas, Phebe, and Mary.”  Volume IV, “Some Early Arrivals:  Settlers in Chester Co., Pa.”, page 294 states, “Thomas came before 1687 and settled in Marple.  He died in 1708 in his 45th year.” 

1.    Ester Massey, born October 30, 1693

2.    Mordecai Massey, born August 9, 1695

3.    James Massey, born September 17, 1697 in Chester Co., Pennsylvania

4.    Hannah Massey, born 17 December 1698

5.    Hannah Massey, born August 7, 1699

6.    Thomas Massey, born January 21, 1700/01

7.    Phebe Massey, born April 20, 1705

8.    Mary Massey, born February 3, 1706/07

Second Generation: tree19

James was born September 17, 1697 in Chester Co., Pennsylvania.  He married Ann Lewis in 1722.  Ann was born in 1697 in Newton Square, Chester Co, Pennsylvania.

1.      Thomas Massey, born January 19, 1723/24

2.      Lewis Massey, born September 4, 1726

3.      Abraham Massey, born February 6, 1728/29

4.      James Massey, born November 3, 1731 in Chester Co., Pennsylvania

5.      Mary Massey, born April 12, 1734

6.      William Massey, born December 7, 1736

7.      Mordecai Massey, born 1737

8.      Lydia Massey, born 1739

9.      Pheneas Massey, born October 13, 1739

Third Generation  tree19

James Massey was born November 3, 1731 in Chester Co., Pennsylvania.  He married Hannah Edwards in 1764.  Hannah was born in 1735 in Chester Co., Pennsylvania.  James died in 1778 in Orange Co., North Carolina.

1.  James Massey, born 1771

Four Generation  tree19

James Massey was born in 1771.  He married Jane Morrison August 25, 1773 in Orange Co., North Carolina.  James is listed as receiving membership in the Quaker Monthly Meeting Notes on April 20, 1816 in New Garden MM.  He was received from White River MM to Springfield MM on August 11, 1824 and was dismissed for non-attendance of meetings on April 15, 1831.  On April 24, 1820, acquired 80 acres, property description is W1/2SW 32/25-N 8-E No 2nd PM IN, Randolph.

1.      Mary Massey, born 1792

2.      Robert Massey, born 1793

3.      Hannah Massey, born 1795

4.      Tence F. Massey, born February 22, 1796 in North Carolina

5.      Tamer Massey, born 1798             

6.      William Massey, born July 20, 1799

7.      Matthew Massey, born 1805

8.      Phineas Massey, born 1806

9.     Jane Massey, born 1808 in South Carolina

Fifth Generation  tree19

Robert Massey was born in 1793.  He married Rebecca Bulla, January 6, 1814.  They appear in the 1820 US census in Ward Township, Randolph Co., Indiana; the 1830 US Census in New Garden Township, Wayne Co., Indiana and the 1840 US Census in Washington Township, Grant Co., Indiana.  In 1828 he owned 80 acres, property description is W1/2SW 32/25-N 8-E No 2nd PM IN, Grant.  Rebecca was born in 1790.  Together they had 4 daughters and 2 sons.  On Reason’s death certificate, it listed Elizabeth J. Butler as his mother.  Elizabeth was born in 1789 in Virginia to Thomas and Rebecca Butler.

1.  Belinda Massey, born 1829, Indiana

2.  Almarinda Massey, born 1823, Indiana

3.  Reason Lucien P. Massey, August 18, 1836 in Marion, Indiana

4.  Sara Massey, born 1839, Indiana

5.  Andrew S. Parker, born 1845, Indiana (adopted?).

Sixth Generation:  tree19

Reason Lucien P. Massey was born August 18, 1836 in Marion, Indiana.  He served as a private in Company D of the 34th Iowa Infantry in 1861.  He was shot in the left lung at the battle of Vicksburg.  He was discharged and sent home.   He tried to re-enlist, but could not pass the examination.  He suffered from the wound the remainder of his life.  Reason married Eliza June Poisel October 12, 1863.   Eliza was born April 28, 1844 in Champlain, Ohio.  She was the daughter of Henry Poisel and Mary Hess The Masseys, Guilds and Poisels all appear on the same page of the 1880 Indiana census.  Eliza died April 28, 1913 in Medaryville, Indiana.  Reason died February 13, 1921.

1.  Ida M. Massey was born December 29, 1865 and died October 21, 1867 in Medaryville.

2.  Millie Francis Massey was born March 27, 1869. 

Seventh Generation:  wpe20.jpg (1427 bytes)

Millie Francis Massey was born March 27, 1869.  She married Nathan Harper Guild, June 9, 1889 in Gilliam, Indiana.  Nathan and Millie owned and managed a hotel in Medaryville, Indiana.  In 1909, Millie brought the children out to San Francisco, following Nathan, who had come out the year before.  Before they left, Millie tried to sell the piano, only to find that Nathan had borrowed the money for him to travel to San Francisco from his brother, Gurthe, using the piano as collateral.  They traveled by train and got snowed in for 4 days in Donner Pass. Kenneth was a baby and there was no more milk on the train. Earl was 15 years and the oldest boy. The conductor told Earl where to go to buy milk from a farm and waited for his return before continuing on. 

Many years later, Millie told her daughter, Midge Guild that she wasn’t used to a big city like San Francisco. She was also amazed at all the buildings with cracks from the 1906 earthquake. 

On April 18, 1937, after visiting with her daughter Floy and her husband Benny Babb, Millie was returning home with her son, Earl and his wife Dorcus.  Earl was driving and they had a car wreck in Redlands. Dorcus had a broken knee, Earl some injuries, but Millie was OK. Earl yelled for someone to grab Millie before she fell out of the car.  Before anyone could move, Millie fell out of the car and broke her neck. Millie is buried in the Banning cemetery.


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